Belen Bilgic Schneider | Case Studies

Want to get a better idea of how I approach projects? These case studies highlight my involvement in analyzing and implementing effective, business-savvy solutions.

[ .01 ] GeoLearning

Full-service design & development of Flash LMS tutorial, customizable for client's look & feel and selected modules. Launched: 10/2005

[ .02 ] The Hypnosis Network

Marketing consulting and design for new company establishing itself as a leader in the hypnosis industry. Launched: 2/2005

[ .03 ] IFCO Systems

Ushering a paper-based company into a digital era for data exchange. Launched: 12/2004

[ .04 ] Avant-Garde Aquatics

Established swimming pool management company expanding into an online presence, offering quick information for customers and potential employees. Launched: 3/2002

[ .05 ] Bull Tactical Outfitters

Retail start-up needed an experienced consultant to lead them through their marketing strategy. Launched: 10/2003