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There are things you learn in school, and there are things you learn through experience in the real world. Resilience, initiative, problem-solving, attention to detail, flexibility, inclusive communication, effective collaboration, and pro-active self-management are all hot keywords for managers – and it’s no wonder. People are expected to do more with less in a tight economy on shifting ground.

So how can you stand out and meet those expectations? Oftentimes, people are hired for their hard skills, but it is those soft skills that make them indispensable. An indispensable employee is:

  • the first person people think of when a job needs to be done right
  • a reliable and flexible partner for objective-focused problem solving
  • a thoughtful communicator who seeks to understand others’ perspective
  • driven by improving their work product, efficiency, and effectiveness

This blog focuses on the skills, practice tips, mindset and resources to help you get your hands around these slippery, intangible traits.

Managers, this blog is also for you. All of these topics can be used as fodder for your 1-1 coaching conversations, or give you some food for thought on how to encourage a team culture that fosters these skills.

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Hi there! I’m Belen, the fearless host of Be Indispensable. I have a number of superpowers, but they can probably be summarized under “Communicator Extraordinaire” (though Gus Prestera likes to call me “the Goddess”). I have spent 14 years in the visual design and development sector, 6 years specializing in Learning & Development for Fortune 500 companies, built and managed a high-performing creative team, drove and supported numerous change management initiatives, mediated cross-functional communication challenges, and consulted on a lot of nearly-impossible, death-defying visual, strategic and communication-oriented projects.

In short, I’ve hired, coached, mentored, and worked alongside a lot of talented people…and I’m here to share what I think distinguishes someone from the pack. This topic, above all others, is my passion, and my proudest moments have been helping exceptionally skilled, smart folks install the IndispensableSkillsTM upgrade :)

I also contribute on graphic design topics to the blog Learning FX Performance – an amazing resource for professionals in the Learning and Development industry. Check it out!

I am currently a freelance Strategic Communications Specialist. Find out what I can do for you!